What are the results of eating junk food?

healty food junk foodOur daily eating habits always react our lives so we have to know what are the types of healthy foods and do we really know portions of meals? Firstly; Every people live in rush everyday.Getting up early,drive to business or catch the bus and so on.We generally do not have time making breakfast so we are eating oily sandwich,extra double coffee,bigrolls.Only ten percent of people make healthy breakfast.What a pity to say all junk food cause abnormal and unusual effects in human body.According to search,when we consume extra calorie we have to do sports more than 3 hours.In fact,It iş changable to food calorie but researchers saying this for normal healthy people. 

As for lunch,we are working and we have to work in busy hours sometimes we do not care of making lunch.We prefer skipping it.It is very bad habit normally.Because,if we do not eat from 12:00 am to 14:00 pm we catch ilness.We confront with low blood tension or some people prefer to eat hamburger,chips, drinking coke or pasta.In fact,They are eating fastly. 

 For dinner,It is not worth to say.People always make dinner in late hours almost all people do not cooking at home. They are going to do that everyday because of lack of good food. People should eat vegetable,fruits and taking vitamin.All these food have so many beneficial things.If we do not eat this ones,we fight with obesity.Obesity is fatal and danger ilness in the world.People is generally at risk with this disease. So what are the precautions? The important way is eating 5-6 times in frequency and with little portions.The portion is 3 tablespoonfor every vegetable and fruit.The second step is doing sport at least once in a week. These are the most healthy ways.If we learn and do in our lives we can feel better.The more you eat good food the more you are living healthy and fulfill life.

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